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Sodium Hydroxide99% For Acid Neutralizer

Sodium Hydroxide, also known as Caustic Soda. This inorganic compound has the chemical formula NaOH and is an essential building block in various industries. Sodium hydroxide is known for its strong alkalinity, making it an important acid neutralizer. Additionally, it acts as a complex masking and precipitating agent, providing effective solutions for a range of applications.

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NaOH ≥99%


NaCl ≤0.015%
Fe2O3 ≤0.001%


One of the main properties of sodium hydroxide is its ability to act as a precipitation masking agent. This means that it selectively prevents the precipitation of specific compounds during chemical reactions, thus ensuring desired results and improving product quality. This unique property makes it an indispensable asset in industries such as pharmaceuticals and manufacturing, where precise and controlled reactions are critical.

In addition, sodium hydroxide is an excellent color developer, which can produce vivid effects in various products. It is widely used in the textile and dyeing industries, where it plays a vital role in creating vibrant shades and ensuring color retention. Its excellent color rendering makes it ideal for industries looking to enhance the aesthetics and visual appeal of their products.

Another notable application of sodium hydroxide is its role as a saponifier. With this powerful performance, it is widely used in the production of soaps and detergents. Through the process of saponification, sodium hydroxide is able to convert fats and oils into soaps, providing an important cleaning agent for personal care and household cleaning products. Its efficacy as a saponifier makes it an indispensable ingredient in the soap and detergent industry.

In conclusion, sodium hydroxide has multiple functions and is a great asset in various industries. Its acid neutralizing, masking, precipitating, developing, saponifying and exfoliating properties make it a highly sought-after compound. When looking for a reliable product with superior results, sodium hydroxide is the answer. Trust our brand to deliver the highest quality, ensuring your business thrives with the best solutions on the market.

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