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China Factory Maleic Anhydride UN2215 MA 99.7% for Resin Production

Maleic anhydride, also known as MA, is a versatile organic compound widely used in resin production. It goes by various names, including dehydrated malic anhydride and maleic anhydride. The chemical formula of maleic anhydride is C4H2O3, the molecular weight is 98.057, and the melting point range is 51-56°C. UN Hazardous Goods Number 2215 is classified as a hazardous substance, so it is important to handle this substance with care.

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Chemicals Technical Data Sheet

Characteristics Units Guaranteed Values
Appearance White briquettes
Purity(by MA) WT% 99.5  min
Molten Colour APHA 25  Max
Solidifying Point ºC 52.5  Min
Ash WT% 0.005 Max
Iron PPT 3  Max

Note: Appearance-White briquettes is about 80%,Flakes and power is about 20%
Maleic anhydride has the characteristics of stable quality and excellent performance in resin production. It plays a vital role in the synthesis of various resins such as unsaturated polyester resins, alkyd resins, and modified phenolic resins. Maleic anhydride’s excellent reactivity and compatibility with different types of polymers enhances the mechanical and thermal properties of the resin, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

Appearance (physical state, colour etc) White solid crystal
Melting point/freezing point 53ºC.
Initial boiling point and boiling range 202ºC.
Flash point 102ºC
Upper/lower flammability or explosive limits 1.4%~7.1%.
Vapour pressure 25Pa(25ºC)
Vapour density 3.4
Relative density 1.5
Solubility(ies) React with water

One of the main characteristics of maleic anhydride is its water solubility, which can form maleic acid when dissolved in water. This feature makes it easy to handle and integrate into water-based systems, further expanding its use in the production of water-based resins. Additionally, maleic anhydride appears as white crystals with a density of 1.484 g/cm3, providing visual clues to its purity and quality.

Ensuring safe handling of maleic anhydride is of paramount importance. It is recommended to follow safety guidelines including S22 (Do not breathe dust), S26 (In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately), S36/37/39 (Wear suitable protective clothing, gloves and eye/face protection) and S45 (In case of accident or physical discomfort, seek medical attention immediately). The hazard symbol C indicates that it is a potential hazard to health and should be dealt with accordingly. Hazard statements include R22 (harmful if swallowed), R34 (causes burns) and R42/43 (may cause sensitization by inhalation and skin contact).

Maleic anhydride has stable quality and is widely used in resin production, and is an indispensable compound in the chemical industry. It offers significant advantages such as improved resin properties and enabling water-based formulations. Its versatility and reactivity make it ideal for a variety of industrial and commercial applications, enabling the creation of high quality and durable products.

In summary, maleic anhydride, also known as MA, is a widely used organic compound in resin production. Maleic anhydride, with its stable quality, water solubility, and excellent compatibility with polymers, enhances the performance of the resin and makes it suitable for a variety of applications. However, due to the potential health hazards of maleic anhydride, handling maleic anhydride requires strict adherence to safety guidelines. Overall, maleic anhydride plays a vital role in the chemical industry and is essential for the manufacture of high-performance resins.

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