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Potassium Carbonate99% For Inorganic Industry

Potassium carbonate has a chemical formula of K2CO3 and a molecular weight of 138.206. It is an inorganic substance with a wide range of uses and uses. This white crystalline powder has a density of 2.428g/cm3 and a melting point of 891°C, making it a special additive for various industries. It has some remarkable properties such as solubility in water, basicity of its aqueous solution, and insolubility in ethanol, acetone, and ether. In addition, its strong hygroscopicity allows it to absorb carbon dioxide and moisture in the atmosphere, converting it into potassium bicarbonate. To preserve its integrity, it is critical to store and package potassium carbonate in an airtight manner.

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 White Granules

K2CO3 %

≥ 99.0

S % ≤ 0.01
Cl % ≤ 0.01
Water Insolubles % ≤ 0.02


One of the important applications of potassium carbonate is in the manufacture of potassium glass and potassium soap. Due to its ability to alter chemical interactions, this compound plays an important role in the development of these products, ensuring their efficacy and durability. In addition, potassium carbonate is widely used in industrial gas treatment, especially for the removal of hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide. Its effectiveness in this regard makes it an essential part of numerous industrial processes, promoting a clean and safe working environment.

Potassium carbonate’s uses don’t stop there. This versatile substance can be used in welding electrodes, helping to form a strong and reliable bond. Its presence facilitates a smooth and uniform welding process, resulting in a high-quality workmanship. Furthermore, potassium carbonate is a key ingredient in ink manufacturing and printing industries. It helps to adjust the pH level, improve ink stability and smoothness, and ultimately improve printing results.

In conclusion, potassium carbonate is an excellent inorganic substance with a wide range of applications. From the production of potassium glass and soap to gas treatment and welding, its versatility shines. Its water solubility, alkalinity and strong hygroscopicity make it an important component in various industries. As you delve into the world of potassium carbonate, you’ll discover its immense benefits and potential to revolutionize your surgery. Let this special substance take your products and craftsmanship to new heights.

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