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Isopropanol For Organic Synthesis

n-Propanol (also known as 1-propanol) is an important organic compound widely used in various industries. This clear, colorless liquid with a molecular weight of 60.10 has a simplified structural formula CH3CH2CH2OH and molecular formula C3H8O, and has remarkable properties that make it highly sought after. Under normal temperature and pressure conditions, n-propanol exhibits excellent solubility in water, ethanol, and ether, making it ideal for a wide range of applications.

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Items Unit Standard Result
Appearance Colorless liquid
Assay wt (m/m)



Color APHA  Pt-Co ≤10 5
Water m/m ≤0.1% 0.03%
Density Kg/l 0.804-0.807 0.805
Boiling point 97.2 97.3
Free Acid m/m ≤0.003% 0.00095%


In terms of its chemical synthesis, propionaldehyde is obtained by oxo-synthesis of ethylene followed by reduction. This process ensures the purity and high quality standards of n-propanol, making it suitable for a variety of uses.

One of the main applications of n-propanol is in organic synthesis. It is an important part of the pharmaceutical industry and is used in pharmaceutical compounds such as probenecid, sodium valproate, erythromycin, epilepsy drugs, hemostatic patches BCA, thiamine, 2,5-dipropylpicolinic acid, and n- play a vital role in the production of Propylamine. These compounds have made significant contributions to the advancement of medical treatments and paved the way for improved health outcomes.

In addition, n-propanol can also be used as an analytical reagent. Its unique properties and high purity make it a reliable tool for a variety of laboratory analyses, resulting in accurate and precise measurements. Researchers and scientists rely on the consistency and effectiveness of n-propanol in their analytical studies, ensuring reliable and reproducible results.

Another notable application of n-propanol is its ability to increase combustion temperature. By mixing this multifunctional compound with alkanes and alkenes, it is possible to significantly increase the combustion temperature. This characteristic makes it an excellent choice for fuel blending, enabling better combustion efficiency and promoting cleaner energy sources.

In conclusion, n-propanol is a powerful and indispensable compound in different industries due to its outstanding properties and versatility. The pharmaceutical industry exploits its potential for the synthesis of essential medicines, while laboratories rely on its reliability as analytical reagents. Additionally, n-propanol plays a role in increasing combustion temperatures, making it an important component of fuel blends. As a market leader in the production and supply of n-Propanol, our company ensures the highest quality standards, providing reliable solutions for your specific needs.

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