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Acetonitrile For Intermediates For Pharmaceuticals And Pesticides

Acetonitrile, an organic compound that will revolutionize your chemical processing needs. This colorless, transparent liquid has the chemical formula CH3CN or C2H3N and has excellent solvent properties, making it a perfect solution for dissolving a wide variety of organic, inorganic and gaseous substances. Furthermore, its remarkable unlimited miscibility with alcohol makes it an indispensable addition to any laboratory or industrial setting.

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Colorless liquid

Colorless liquid

Molar Refractive Index



Molar volume cm3/mol 54.9 54.9
Isotonic specific volume 90.2K 120 120
Surface tension dyne/cm 22.7 22.7
Polarizability 10-24cm3 4.45 4.45


Acetonitrile is not just an ordinary solvent; it’s a common solvent, too. It is a versatile compound with a variety of applications. Its ability to carry out typical nitrile reactions makes it invaluable in the synthesis of various nitrogen-containing compounds. This makes acetonitrile an important organic intermediate in many industries, including pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals and fine chemicals.

In addition, the excellent solvent properties of acetonitrile make it ideal for applications involving chromatography, electrochemistry, and as a reaction medium in various synthetic processes. Its ability to dissolve a wide variety of substances, whether organic, inorganic or gaseous, underscores its enormous versatility and utility for countless applications.

With acetonitrile, you can expect superior performance and reliability every time. Its high purity and consistency ensure that your experiments and production processes produce consistent and accurate results. It is critical to achieving precise and controlled reactions, making it a favorite of scientists, researchers and professionals in the chemical industry.

In conclusion, acetonitrile is a game changer in chemistry. With its impressive solvent profile and comprehensive miscibility, it is the perfect companion for any laboratory or industrial setting. Its ability to carry out typical nitrile reactions and act as a complete organic intermediate only adds to its value. Trust acetonitrile to provide you with superior results, allowing you to open up new possibilities and achieve greatness in your chemistry career.

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